Friday, October 31, 2008


I really do mean to update more often. But I am using one of those ATT internet devices and the connection is so slow that I am not on the internet very often.

House update, we are still in the mobile home. Another judge gave them until the 7th of November. Which happens to be my due date. So we will most likely be moving with a 3 or 4 day old. But that means I won't have to lift a finger LOL. Just cuddle with our new baby.

Yep, just a week left until my due date. So excited to meet our little one.

I need to go figure out what my 22 month old is up to but I will leave you with 2 cards I made using the October stamps from

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mississippi or bust.........

We made it! You won’t believe how crazy the past several weeks have been. So glad most of it is over. Let’s see. Hubby ended up working the WHOLE week before the move and even went out of town. We found out a week before we were leaving that the tenants in the house had found another judge to extend their stay by another 3 weeks. We had already paid for the moving van. So hubby’s boss had a mobile home in the country empty. So we will be moving twice. Not exactly fun right before having a baby. But I know God will be with us. We madeit safe and sound. The kids were all really good. The only trouble we had? The darn cat! But we are here. Starting to settle in. Most of our stuff is in storage. And we still have a bit to unpack. Hard to be motivated when we will be moving again in hopefully a week and a half. That is a big prayer request for us. That we will be able to move on the 24 or 25th. We will then have a week before the baby is due to get settled into the other house. My mom is planning on coming to unpack for me. And of course be here for when the baby is born.

We met the midwife last week. She was very nice. Baby girl is good and is head down. Ordered my homebirth kit. It will be here this week.

Even managed to find the mall and shopping :) went to Gymboree the redeem my gymbucks. Bought these cute things: (plus some boy stuff ;))

Found the local scrapbook store. Small but she did have new stuff already and more coming in. There is a crop at the end of the month and I hope to go so I can hopefully meet new scrapbooking friends.

So now that you are all caught up I am off to give the baby a bath :)