Saturday, April 28, 2007


Just been keeping busy. Laundry, cooking, diapers, schooling... just the usual.

Lance bought the kids a swing set. We left the one we had behind in California when we moved. Not worth taking apart, moving and putting back together a $130.00 swing set. It has taken him 4 days to put together. Well not 4 full days, just the time he has after work. The kids all helped. Now it is done and they are enjoying it. This time we went with a wooden model well above the $130.00 cost of the last one. He figured that this will be something that will have years of use so we should buy a good model.

Kids funny:
E " mommy will you make me a funny cake?"
me looking at him very perplexed, until it dawns on me that he wants a funfetti cake!

Lots of amazing things happening right now! I was contacted by a magazine to be a contributer to an upcoming book. I was asked to be a guest designer for a monthly kit in the next month or so and I was asked to keep another thing a secret :) So good stuff.
and wouldn't you know it, I am feeling so uninspired! I guess that is the way it works. Hopefully it will pass quickly.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

been awhile!

If there was a downside to having a large family it would be this: 9 kids= flu x 9! Hubby was out of town, kids flu and poison ivy. Enough said!I still have mountains of laundry. I think that may be a given until kids start moving out. and since we keep adding kidsand that includes their laundry. So I guess I need to give up on the idea that I will be caught up. That is one of my biggest faults. Perfectionism.

Been a scrapping fool. Love that! I am thinking of entering memory masters. I don't know. Still pondering it. I finished a layout that I love the other day and I am saving it just in case.

Other scrappy news. I had a layout requested for Scrapbook Trends Magazine. Been awhile, of course I hadn't submitted in a long time either. I have been trying to remember. I only submit if I have something that fits the call.

Kids funny

Molly: Ethan you want to jump on the trampoline with me?
Ethan: Oh yeah Baby!

Where on earth did he get that?

Ok, off to play cards with the neighbors. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mountains of laundry

are calling to me. If you do not here from me in 2 days, please send help ;)

American Idol is ticking me off! This is our first season watching. Gina and Chris S. while not in my absolute top 4, did not deserve to leave before Sanjaya or Haley. did.not.deserve. Hopefully they will have opportunties regardless. Ok I said it, now time for me to move on. Yep, on to my laundry...

Monday, April 2, 2007


It does not reflect on the day to come when you wake up crabby! Blechhh. I was able to squeeze in 30 minutes at naptime to scrapbook :)

I did this for the pub AD challenge at twopeas. This is the first one I have done in years. Ok, I am off to veg in front of the TV. Hubby is gone so it's a good time to catch up on what not to wear.