Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello there

Anyone doing project 365? I ordered the kit from creating keepsakes and am waiting for it to arrive. I have my pictures that I have taken so far all ready to go. I hope that having an album and spots for journaling will motivate me to keep taking pictures through the whole year. I burned out last year. but then I also did nothing with the pictures I took. I am going to focus on taking pictures of our everyday life. and with a large, growing family what is every day now won't be our everyday 6 months from now.

I am going to be sewing again. I used to smock and heirloom sew for the girls but then they got big and I stopped. They would still wear them but they just don't make patternes for smocked clothes in juniors, size 16 and 12 LOL. But I have mentioned before the impossiblitity of finding clothes for my oldest daughter. The junior clothes are so hootchie. So right now she has jeans, tee's and last week I managed to find a denim skirt that wasn't long (hubby hates those!) and wasn't short. At the knee. and after searching online I found a black a-line skirt. but no dresses and those were the only 2 skirts we could find. So back to sewing. I have picked up a dress pattern, skirt with top, and a cute top pattern to sew for her. My other girls picked out a couple for themselves too. tiered skirts and a dress. We are planning on doing an eclectic mix of fabric patterns. I just adore that look. I will let them pick the fabrics. But first I need to take my machine in for a check up. It's been so long since I have sewn on anything but scrapbook layouts!

For those of you that scrap I have a layout in the December scrapbook trends and one in the January scrapbooks ect.

We had some sun yesterday so I managed to take pictures of everyone but my oldest. He was off with his dad looking at computers. I need to resize them for web before I can share. Here are some other pictures I have taken recently.My oldest daughter and Vicksburg Mississippi at the civil war battle site park.