Tuesday, March 27, 2007

getting older is NOT fun

Thank you Old Navy for making me feel old and fat. What is with the tight long tee's? Tight isn't looking so good around my middle. and long? That.is.so.not.a.good.look! That is just the tops. All I could find was low rise and extra low rise. Um yeah, I have had 9 children. and while I am not fat, I am not thin either. Kinda in the middle. low rise, yeah right! My roll hangs over. Another not so good look for me. Where am I supposed to shop? A 35 year old still needs clothes. cute but not too young. Where oh where are these clothes? I did find a shop that has jeans that I love. Forth and Towne, they are a Gap owned company, they are for the 30 and over set :) But right after I found that they have great jeans for a curvy body , I receive an email that they are closing in June. People why are you doing this to me....

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