Sunday, July 22, 2007


Sometimes life seems to be a bit of a comedy of errors! I sat down to nurse the baby. When I sat back, something bit my neck. So while I was trying to put ice of the bite 1. the phone rang 2. one child ran down to the basement (off limits to little ones) 3. another child went out the front door 4. Another child, one that can get into the most stuff in the least amount of time, disapeared. Wild days I tell you.

My kit from 3 scrappy boys came on Friday. I did 3 layouts and 2 cards, and a card holder. The cards and card holder are for part of my MIL's Christmas gift. Yes, I know it's early, but we would not be able to afford gifts if I left it til later. So if I purchase or make 4 gifts a month until December, I will be done with Christmas and all the birthdays for the rest of the year :)

Had fun visiting with all our neighbors last night. Until 12:30! It is so much fun to set up tables, share food and drinks, play cards and watch all the kids play together. Unfortunately after staying up kind of late, the baby woke every 2 hours last night. I am hoping that his tooth pops through soon! Ok I am off to make chicken soup for dinner. It is actually fairly cool here today and I am taking advantage of it.

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Emily said...

I love having friends over too. You are right . . there is nothing like good food and good friends!