Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I was reading the newspaper today (ok just the comics but...) an AD caught my eye. Lose 14 pounds in an hour with body wraps. Um ok. That is a lot to lose in one hour, in month month. What in the world are body wraps. Strange things indeed.

Christmas is almost upon us. I love watching my favorite christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate, wrapping gifts (which I still need to do!)

My children are making my crazy this week. It is so cold so they have been stuck inside since Saturday. Can we say wild. I tink maybe we will bundle up and head to the park tomorrow. They need to burn up some energy.

I made soup for dinner. Yummy.

My favorite cookbooks:

don't panic dinner's in the freezer
30 minute meals
dream dinners
super suppers

I wish I had good public speaking skills. I would market myself to HGTV for a cooking show geared towards cooking for a crowd. :)

I love being creative. It really makes my day go so much smoother wen I take the time. I wonder why?

Why am I lacking joy? I want my kids to see how much I enjoy being a wife and mother. Why do I end up spending my day yelling about messes? Why does it matter to me so much? I really want to be a joyful mom. SOmething I am going to work on.

A little canvas I made using the December 3 Scrappy Boys kit:


Kimberly said...

LOVE LOVE your frame!

Mairs said...

Oh please do a large families cooking show! I've been contemplating the same - but I'm not really that reat a cook...lol! And the world needs something to think of about large families besides Tater Tot Casserole (no offense intended to Michelle Duggar! lol)
Your blog is beautiful!

Mary K from large families