Wednesday, August 13, 2008

not much going on

I really hate not keeping up with the blog. But really not much is happening. We are supposed to be getting ready to move but we don't have an exact date yet. So it is so hard to get motivated. It will be in the next 14 to 20 days though. So we had better get going. We could use prayers. The tenents in the house we are going to be renting do not want to leave. So there will a court date. But with a new baby due and school to get started we really need to get there and get settled. There is a plan "b". but it involves moving twice in a months time. Not a great plan with the baby due in 12 weeks! I am trying so hard to rest in the Lord. But I am really struggling this week. Neither house is "perfect" but plan "b" is really small. and I was already worried about how naps would be accomplished. See I am stressing just writing this! Ack..... So I will move on.

I have to give props to teaching textbooks, My Father's World, Rainbow Resource, and Notgrass History. They all shipped so quickly. We are just waiting on Abeka, which should be here Friday. Then we are all set for school! I have had a hard time keeping the children from openning the boxes. BUt I don't want anything to get misplaced before the move. SO I am keeping them sealed.

I had a layout picked up for the December issue of Scrapbook Trends. Very excited. They have shown me some love this year.

and since I don't like to blog without a picture: a picture of the cheesecake I made for 2 of my girls birthday a couple of weeks ago. It was yummy!


Shushan said...

At least youhave your school books! May Christ grant you peace and great grace as you wait for the baby and the move(s)

Susan in Va

Kimberly said...

Looks yummy. Share the recipe! UPDATE us on your move chica!