Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh yes, swimsuit season

If I didn't love summer I would just skip the whole swimsuit thing altogether. It's not just because I am currently 30 pounds overweight and cringe at the thought of showing my body in a swimsuit. Oh no. It is the thought that I have to find cute but modest suits for 3 girls. But I managed to do it.

For mom: (who really hopes that this will cover the roll of baby fat currently rolling over her waistband)

For Emma: (who picked this out herself, we didn't ask her to make it this modest. She thought it would be more fun to play in than a regular suit)

For Molly: ( except hers is one I bought last year and is a tankini)

and for Katie: ( who at 14 is so hard to shop for. The balance between fun, girlish and too matronly)

Ok looking at Katie's makes me realize I ordered the wrong color bottoms. Oops. Now I will need to return and exchange them. Oh well. At least I found her something cute but covering :)

1 comment:

Shawn said...

Those suits look GREAT!

WHERE did you get them????