Saturday, August 1, 2009

just hanging out at home

My mom has been here for a visit. So I have been hanging out with her. Haven't even picked up my camera once! I need to get it out and take pictures of her with the kids. I have also been tring to intertain 4 little boys indoors for a week. It has been thunderstorming for a week with more to go. So trying to keep them happy has been a fulltime job. They are used to playing outside for several hours a day. Soaking up that vitamin D and lrtting off steam. I am ready for some clear skies for a couple of days( or hours :))

Here is a fun picture that my hubby took of some of the boys. he thought they were so cute all lined up at the curb eating a lollypop. He wants to make clear that is was almost dark and he didn't have time to change the camera settings :)


Linda Beeson said...

That really is a totally wonderful photo. LOVE the composition.

Shawn said...

Adorable!!! Such handsome boys!

Aphra said...

what ana amazing photo! love everything about it. me and my two boys will be taking it to the curb! LOL