Saturday, November 13, 2010

Favorite Christmas Craft books

I love to make crafts with my children. Here are some favorite books for Christmas projects:

What shall we do today

Christmas Crafting with Kids

Kids in the Holiday Kitchen

This one in on my to buy list for this year

Fa La La Felt

and for decorating help ( I have a lot of trouble decorating, I need lots of help!)

Merry and Bright

Best of Christmas Ideas

and I just bought this one but haven't had a chance to read it yet. But I loved the first book they did.

Farm Chicks Christmas

I plan on heading to the craft store with a good sized list so that the children and I can do some new projects this year.


Aubree said...

Heather, These books look amazing! Wish I could spend more time doing little projects with my children!! So much to do and never enough time!

Lyn said...

I got Fa la la la felt on the weekend and came home and proceeded to "flag" the projects I wanted to make - I'd have been better off flagging the projects I DIDN'T want to make - almost EVERY page is flagged! This is a great book for crafters and artists alike.