Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Have you seen our lost kitty?

Yep, very sad. We have a cat named Jack. He has been missing for a week. Since he is very attached to our youngest daughter Emma (like if he can't find her, he calls and calls walking all through the house until he finds her) So we are thinking that he was dinner for the coyotes. We are not telling Emma that of course. I have to say. I am totally sad about this Jack was the best cat. Totally relaxed, loved the kids. But The day after he went missing Molly told me Emma cried herself to sleep :( So what does mom do? She gets on craigslist and finds a kitten. I figure if Jack comes back we will have 2 cats. If he doesn't he will help Emma get past losing Jack. and He has so far. Meet Mater

He is happiest in someones lap purring and being loved on. He is the very sweet addition to our family.

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Shushan said...

The new kitty is adorable. :)

Praying for your family here in Virginia

Susan in Va SHS