Tuesday, July 22, 2008


When I got married I didn't know how to cook. Well except for pancakes and tacos. In high school, I was known for my tacos. At parties when everyone got hungry, someone would run to the store and I would make dozens and dozens of tacos. I am not even sure how I learned how to make them. Sure you brown the meat, add the seasoning packet. But I would fry up corn tortillas. I don't know how I learned that part. My mom was a healthy cook even then. So she didn't fry much. But anyway, I did know how to cook those two things.

My mom is a great cook. But she did not like to have me in the kitchen with her. So I did not learn how until I was married. Poor hubby. Looking back I did get more food right than wrong. But still, he loved me so would eat it regardless. I did know how to bake. I taught myself. My mom did not and does not bake. So she would let me in the kitchen (by myself) to bake. I still love to bake.

I find myself struggling with kids in the kitchen too. Probably take after my mom. I am a tidy cook. Kids are messy. :) But I am really trying to change. I want all of my children to be able to run a household. For one thing I don't want things to fall apart when I am sick or having a baby. Plus I want them to be able to care for their families when they get married. I plan on starting by teaching 3 of the older children one meal. My oldest daughter is mentally retarded so she will help in other ways. and my 9 y/o is not ready so I will teach her how to put together a salad and other simple items like that. My 11 y/o daughter is already pretty handy in the kitchen. She has had an interest in cooking for several years so I have slowly taught her things and she is great with a cake mix :)

On that same note, for dinner we are having


garlic bread

and a big green salad.

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