Monday, December 8, 2008

Can you say high speed?

So happy to finally have high peed internet and cable tv again. I will try to do better about updating. But our little miss is a fussy girl. So I don't have much (any!) free time. She is napping right now. If she is not eating or sleeping she is usually crying. I am hoping she will outgrow this fussiness soon. But for all that we are enjoying her so much. There is nothing like a newborn to cuddle and hold. It's funny. Our oldest daughter was a VERY fussy baby. It was so hard to deal with. While Eleanor is not as fussy as Katie it is so much easier to deal with as an older more experienced mom. I guess some things do come with age.

We just in the last month had 4 birthdays and a birth. It has sure been a busy time. The last of the 2 birthday's were this past weekend. We now have another teenager with jacob turning 13 and a 2 year old Luke :) I will share pictures of their days later in the week after I upload then. But here are a couple to tide you over

Luke at the park just 2 days before baby Eleanor made her apperance (we thought that my chasing kids at the park might bring on labor. It didn't but we all had fun anyway!)

And a new one of Eleanor. I took the kids to the park last Thursday. Not the best picture because of the lighting but a new one at least :)

I have some cards and layouts to post this week too. Have a great day.


Kimberly said...

Luke is such a LOVE! I remember holding him when he was teeny tiny. Wish I could hold little Ella! Are you calling her that? Anyway, Aunite Kimber in GA is calling her that...LOL She is adorable Heather. I miss you ALL!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

High speed internet - a wonderful blessing of the 21st century!

Stacia was fussy too. The doc called it the arsenic hours... LOL Sounds like you are settling in well.