Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eleanor Jayne at 8 months

She loves to play on the floor.
Except if she see's Mommy. If in fact she see's Mommy, she will scream and scream until I, like the well trained Mommy that I am will pick her up. I receive a big smile and a slobbery kiss.

If mommy tries to sit with her and cuddle, she will scream again until I stand up. She is then happy and will pull my hair to show affection.

She wakes up usually 2x a night to nurse. But the past 3 nights it has been more like 4 to 6x times. mommy is tired.

She sits up, crawls and loves to stand on our laps.

She gives huge smiles to all of her family.

She will kiss but is stingy, making them prized by all.

She loves chocolate. Takes after her Mom ;)

We are so blessed by her.

And here she is


Kimberly said...


dstandard said...

Girl she just is kissable! How adorable!

ellen s. said...

she is sooo cuuuuuute!