Monday, October 12, 2009


I know that I love to see what other people cook. I just finished my menu for the next 11 days and I thought I would share :)

grilled cheese w/ fruit cups
yogurt sundaes w/ cheese cubes
deli sandwiches w/ chips
french toast sticks
ramen w/ rolls
apple peanut butter pizzas w/ banana bread
chicken strips w/ apple sause
tortellini alfredo w/ rolls
chicken packets w/ apples


spaghetti w/ french bread
soup w/ fruit and crackers
teriyaki chicken w/ rice and oranges
meatball subs w/ fries
waffles w/ bacon, sausage and potatoes ( I make both bacon and sausage because some kids like one or the other)
smoked chicken sandwiches w/ chips and salad
mexican pot roast tacos
cocktail meatballs over noodles
spicy peanut chicken w/ rice
flank steak w/ roasted veggies

Everything is homemade but the ramen :) My kids love it but I only buy it about 2x a year.

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