Monday, October 26, 2009

pumpkin patch fun

My poor husband was feeling like crud but the pumpkin patch is only open to the public on weekends and it closes next Saturday. We did not want to go on Halloween, so it was yesterday or not at all this year. So we went anyway. We had a great day. Not as expensive as we thought it would be. About $6.00 a person which included a 45 minute hayride and a pumpkin. We went at full sun so did not get as many pictures as we would have liked but still managed to get some good ones.

The cow with the muddy face cracked us up.

This one shows what a joker my hubby can be :)

Oh my! How did this happen! Too grown up for sure.

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Shannon Wyman said...

Aww.. beautiful pics! I don't think we'll get to the pumpkin patch this year, I'm so bummed!