Monday, January 24, 2011

Olivia Grace 5 months

Time really does pass so much more quickly than I would think (or want sometimes :) ) Olivia is five months old today.

At 5 months she:
still nurses like crazy. every 2 hours at least. Which would explain the chin rolls ;)

At this point she is not sleeping well. Like up every hr. Ugggg

Has one tooth and is working on #2

Rolls from front to back and is now pretty close to back to front

Loves to stand up while we hold her on our laps

trying to sit up

Loves kisses and will kiss back

Loves her siblings

will play on the rug for about 20 minutes, her favorite though is to lay on the floor while mommy sews and play with fabric, especially tulle

Still not sure about the bumbo

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