Sunday, February 24, 2008

feb 23 &24

Well no packing for me today. Hubby is sick. So not much got done here. I did clean my house from top to bottom yesterday. I love having a clean house. With kids home all day every day I don't have a lot of time to deep clean. So it was nice to be able to take the time while Lance was home to do things I had let slide.

This is a layout all ready for shipping for a magazine request. (scrapbook trends July ;) )

This is one of my kitchen cupboards. So untidy. The baby spends most of his day taking things out putting things in. No toys for him. Give him so kitchen equipment and he is Happy!

Have you seen this new scrapbook company? Yummy stuff!


Sherry said...

that is too stinkin' funny! I was looking at the Pink Paislee stuff tonight after seeing it mentioned in the Faith challenge. I thought it was really great stuff. Hope Cindy gets it for us at 3SB! :)

Mairs said...

I've gotten rid of all of our baby toys - who needs 'em? Our two babies spend most of their time drifting between the tupperware cupboard and the one where i keep all the plastic water bottles...and the pantry, which could explain why I keep finding pancake mix in my laundry basket. Great pics as usual!

Mary K