Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm trying

To post at least once a week. I know family and friends want to stay updated as far as our move. It went to court last week and the judge gave them an extra 30 days to move out. Great for them, not so great for us. That puts us moving 4 weeks before the baby is due. So instead of waiting until we move to get ready for Eleanor, I will be gathering what we need to buy and wash before hand. Just in case. So I will need to make doctors appointments for here for before we go and appointments in Mississippi for when we get there. With 3 diabetic children we need to make sure we have medications covered.

Lance was playing around with his camera today so I made him take pictures of my belly. This one is my favorite.

You know you are big when the ladies at Yankee Candle ask how long until the baby and you tell them 9 weeks and they ask if you are sure :)


Kimberly said...

I am thinking this little girl will be earlier than intended. Praying for you. Be careful during your move!

Shushan said...

God grant all the schedules work out well for you, baby, and the rest of the family. Keeping diabetes meds straight through a move could be complex by itself.

Susan in Va

Jennifer said...

I think you look adorable!
You will be in my thoughts & prayers as you getting ready to move & give birth to this new baby. I look foward to hearing all about it all :o)
Love & Prayers

Ginger said...

People started asking me how many more days I had left in April with my pregnancy with Morgan (12 years ago) - she was born the end of July. By the end of my pregnancy, I was so tired of hearing, "Wow! You are enormous! When are you due?" that I just started saying "December" and walking away.