Friday, September 26, 2008

Stone Mountain Park and ants the killer bug

With this super weather we are having here in Georgia we wanted to do something outside over the weekend. Our last "real" weekend before the packing frenzy. We decided to head over to Stone Mountain Park. It has been recommended numeriuos times by friends. We had a really nice time. If we weren't moving we would probably buy season passes but we are moving so one time was good and fun. Hubby took some of the kids on the tram to go up the mountain while I stayed down with the other kids that did not want to go. While they were up I took some pictures. I am trying to get portraits of each child to have printed out for my in-laws for Christmas. I now only have 2 left to do :)

The rest of the weekend was nice too. We did some house cleaning and yardyard and ate dinner outside. It is so nice to have some cooler weather where we can enjoy the outdoors.

I didn't know that I would come to miss the ants in California. But yep, I do. Yes they got in your space. They were irratating. But at least they were not evil biting machines. Yep. east coast ants are plain mean. I have bites on both feet, both arms and one got in my undergarment and bit me in some place it should not have been! They itch and sting for DAYS too. Mean little things!!!

I have gained 26 pounds this pregnancy. Not bad. I weighed myself this morning expecting it to be a lot more considering how big I am feeling. I have a midwife appointment all set up for the week we move. AND she is coming to our house. So yippeee. I do not have to figure out how to get to her office an hour away and take 9 children with me!

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