Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let's play catch up

Life seems to have gone crazy the past few weeks. We went to Florida on vacation to visit my lovely family. No sooner did we get there and had to take a child to the ER. Quickly tranfered to a children's hospital in Jacksonville. Our 7 y/o developed type 1 diabetes. Not the vacation we invisioned. We did not have to stay in the hospital long because we are already familiar with diabetes, our 3 oldest are diabetic. They were all diagnosed before age 2 so this was a new experience for us. Our experience cut down the time at the hospital because we did not need training. Our son is doing well and is adjusting to the changes in his day. It seems to be more tramatic for mom and dad then for him :) So that cut our vacation short. We did manage to stop in Destin on the way home to rest on the beach for a day but I am sad that our visit with family was cut short.

I am now over halfway through this pregnancy. It seems to be flying by at this point. I feel great and am starting to feel the baby wiggle around more each day.

So all of this plus the regular same old same old of being a wife and mom have taken up most of my time lately. But we seem to be getting back into a schedule, just with a ton of doctor's appointments added to it :) Hopefully I will be able tobe a much better blogger.

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