Monday, April 26, 2010

pictures pictures and more pictures

We were bored the weekend before last and decided to spend Saturday on a road trip. We took a TON of pictures. I will be sharing them all this week. It has been awhile. So glad to have nice sunny weather again so that we can take pictures again.

This picture was done tongue in cheek. We get asked all the time when we are going to stop having kids, so when my hubby saw this sidewalk with the stop sign at the end of it, he just had to take a picture. (for those wondering, we just leave it up to God how many children we will have ;))

More pictures coming later in the week :)


Kim said...

wowsers these are stunning photos Heather

Thrice Blessed said...

Very nice photos, was I right in counting 10 kids? LOL... each one a wonderful blessing no doubt!

Rebecca said...

Fabulous photos :)

Kimberly said...

Great photos! Ummmm, that STOP sign is not right though!! LOL