Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hot hot hot!

It is so hot! 101... Our air is on all day. and even then it stays around 80. Just can't keep up with the heat.

Memory Maker Masters were announced today. While I am SO bummed to not get a call, I am very happy my friend Staci did get a call. Go Staci!!!!

So what have we been up to? Not a whole lot. Hubby took a day off last week and we tried to go berry picking. But apparently that our cold spring ruined the crops so no berries. Hubby took the kids swimming instead.

My computer died and I am on a spare. A spare that does not have printers, or photoshop loaded on it! So I am hoping to get a call from best buy to pick my baby up :)

I know I had other stuff I was going to talk about, but now I don't remember what it was.

So bye for now.