Thursday, August 9, 2007

random :)

No one can anticipate a birthday like a 6 year old. His birthday isn't until March. But everyday he shows me a picture of the cake he wants (pirate treasure chest) and looks on the fridge to make sure his list is still there. Now myself on the other hand, am NOT looking forward to my next birthday, which is MUCH closer than next March. Maybe if I had time to have my hair done and if I lost the weight I gained over the past 7 years. Maybe then it wouldn't be hitting me so hard to be turning 37.

Last weekend was a bummer but I am all better now. Jacob (11) had a low blood sugar seizure. That is always so scary. He is well recovered now.

My oldest went on an insulin pump this week. Finally!!! SO far he is enjoying the freedom to eat a snack when he wants. Yesterday a neighbor offered him a piece of cake and he was able to just give himself more insulin to cover the carbs. Nice.

Scrapping. Not happening this week so far. Kind of in a slump. Hopefully tomorrow I will have more energy at nap so I can scrap a bit.

We are planning on trying a new church this weekend. I met a lady in Walmart with 9 children also, all the same ages as mine. So I promptly asked where they attend. So we will try their church.

Ok I am off to read :)