Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 24

I am a bit behind but I will catch up tonight.

I love getting scrapbook goodies in the mail. This box contains the January kit from So excited to dig in.

You know, I started this blog to remember all the funny, crazy things my children do. What is sad is, 5 minutes after it has happened, I know longer remember. I know they have said or done something I would like to remember, But for the life of me it is missing from my memory. Maybe I should buy a mini tape recorder and carry it in my pocket?

Today I made blueberry french toast casserole for the kids lunch. A family favorite. Except for Ethan. He wanted peanut butter. No jelly, just peanut butter. That is usually what he wants. Very picky child. At dinner he eats what I make but for lunch. I will make him a peanut butter sandwich.

I packed up movies today. Not all of them. I am not crazy. But 3 boxes full. 2 small and 1 medium. That is a lot of movies. We are movie junkies. No rentals for us. After spending a fortune in late fees over the years. We now buy a movie if we want to see it. But we are thinking about netflicks. And why do we have so many movies missing their cases? What happened to them? Does any one family need to own 15 winnie the pooh movies?

I am thinking random things today, I know.

Act 8:8 So there was great joy in that city.


Laura in MO said...

We love Netflix! They have lots and lots of great movies - from new releases to great movies for school. And never any late fees!!!! Yay!!

Karen said...

We also love NetFlix. No late fees. No buyers regret after buying a so-so movie. Lots of great movies to rent there and unlimited "watch now" on the computer. It's a great deal!

Emily said...

We haven't tried NETFLIX yet . . .it is on my list to do.

Berry Patch said...

I too love getting scrapbooking goodies in the mail! Have fun with your new kit.

We also love Netflix. We've been using the service for the last three years & really REALLY love it. ;-)

Donna said...

I have to agree with the other comments about Netflix. We live in the country near Tinytown and love the convenience and selection of dvds we can get.

And your blueberry french toast casserole sounds really good. I'd forgotten all about making that...