Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh how I love etsy

I have a serious crush on I love being able to buy handmade items that I can't make myself. So I thought I would share some of my favorite sellers.

A wonderful photographer. I have some of his surf pictures in my favorites to decorate my 3 boys room that have surf bedding.

JP Greenwood

I have been looking for YEARS for a masculine cross for hubby to wear. I would see them in pictures but could never find them for purchase. I even emailed Tim McGraw and asked where he bought his. The email answer person said that he bought them from different places without telling me where LOL! I was very happy to find these. I bought hubby 2 for his birthday. They are wonderful.


With 4 girls, I love cute hair things. These are so adorable. Can't wait to get the one I just ordered. and you have to read her blog. Beautiful crafts, beautiful pictures. and touching story behind the name of her shop.

Joy's Hope

I bought one of these for the baby. it is sized for a 2 y/o :) but I was worried that with that new law that she would not be selling them any more, so I went ahead and bought it. It is beautifully made.

Savannah Lane

I bought the cupcake beanie for the baby when she was born. It was so adorable on!

Nini's Handmades

Again with the cute hairbands for the girls. I have not ordered one of these yet. But I hope to soon.

Lou and Lee

Hope you enjoy looking :)

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