Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some favorites right now

My wedding ring bit the dust. Actually hubby's did too. I felt a little odd going around with 10 children and no ring. So until we find and save for new wedding bands I bought myself a silver band from Lisa Leonard Designs. I had our names engraved on it. So pretty and VERY afforable. I have actually bought 3 necklaces from Lisa as well. 2 for me and one for my mom for her birthday

Lisa Leonard Designs

I don't have a problem buying cheap drug store makeup. But when I added the cost of face cleaner and mosturizer up, the drug store kind was alot more than a good kind. I know it looks very pricey. and hey when you are broke anything looks expensive. But this stuff lasts. The Mosturizer lasts a good 6 months and the face wash over 6 months. I buy pure cream face wash and Youthtopia mosturizer :)


and I am very much enjoying reading this book by the Farm Chicks

Farm Chicks

and I am loving these cds:

kind of a folk rock sound

Ray Lamontagne

and this one for worship

Chris Tomlin

When you are feeling down. Crank up "mighty is the power of the cross" !!! It works :)

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melissa :) said...

ahhhhhhhhhh!!! i am in *love* with ray lamontagne!! you have fantastic taste in music (if i do say so myself). your *replacement* wedding ring was a brilliant idea, too :)