Monday, May 25, 2009

sorry for the unscheduled blog break

We were here:

You know the slogan, the happiest place on earth? well, not so much. I know my cousin and her family went and had a great time. and so would we have. Except for one thing. Pouring sheets of rain. I would not say we had a horrible time. But the two days we had scheduled for magic kingdon we just kept having visions of dollar signs being flushed right before our eyes. I know we would have had a great time but we are pretty sure it would not have been worth the money for our family. But the campground at disney resorts was very nice. We ended up leaving a day early and went to Destin. The sun came out long enough for us to play on the beach and swim in the pool. When it started to rain again we headed to visit my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins. That whole day was wonderful. So for us, we will skip WDW and head to the beach for our next vacation. I will edit pictures this week to share. Some funny ones of us in our ponchos with rain just pounding us :)

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melissa :) said...

ughhhhhhhhhhh!!! that is SUCH a bummer!! at least your trip ended on a sunny note :)