Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday fun!

We love to load up into the car and drive. So that is what we did on Saturday. Hubby met a guy that owns a gallery for his landscape photography and we went and took a peek. He had some great pictures. We bought 2 prints, left and realized that my MIL would love the one I picked for myself. So we need to go back to get another one for me. I will send thie one we already bought to MIL. He has a website. If you look under gallery and under the heading our faith. We bought the slate back pew print and the very well loved open bible print. The bible one is the one I picked. My MIL will love it. We stopped for lunch then found an old civil war burial site. It's funny we drove passed it and the kids, not knowing what we were looking for, started yelling "oh yeah, look a graveyard!" Yep, we do love to look at old graveyards, the kids too. This one was also a family site for one family. The Doolittles. So many of them had a baby die every year for 3,4 and 5 years. Very sad. and one grave was off by itself and all it said was grave. Not unknown, nothing. We took some great pictures. Then we saw an old ice cream shop and managed to convince our oldest that he was due for some new pictures. Don't mind his shirt. Not what any of us would have picked for pictures. But if any one was wondering about large family christian homeschoolers being cookie cutters for families on tv or that you hear in the news, our pictures will probably tell you that we are not like that :) We headed for home, stopping to eat frozen custard for dinner. Came home and just hung out together. It was perfect.

Ok just a couple of pictures. I haven't gone through all 400 yet!

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