Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I have had a full shopping cart over at amazon for months and months. I finally had some money to actually make a purchase. They ariived yesterday and I can't wait to dig in. I picked up:

I will give reviews as soon as I have time to read them. I have started a new cart already. I have been wanting to learn to knit for some time and I found a book that looks perfect. 61 great reviews.

I am typing on a brand new keyboard. The baby had pulled off 3 keys awhile back and I was dealing with it. But then the other day he pulled off 6 more. I couldn't remember what was what. So we ordered a new keyboard insert. While my oldest son and hubby fixed it, they wiped my computer clean and reformatted it. It had beed running so slow. I still need to install my printer drivers and put this years pictures back on. We decided to just keep the rest of the pictures backed up on external harddrives. We had 90 gig of pictures. Lots of pictures. SO if I want an older picture all I have to do is retreive it off the EHD.

Got to go feed the kiddos lunch.

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