Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I want to thank all the men and women and their families that have served the United States. They are what keep us free.

I want to mention that the cookbook mentioned in my previous post, most of the serving sizes are for 4 to 6. So other large families like our will need to double or triple the recipes. I plan on making some cherry chocoalte cookies in the next couple of days from that cookbook. I will let you know how they turn out :)

I have just started The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule. In the intro this statement really caught my eye and heart: "Much of of cultural energy is spent filling our minds, hearts and time with things outside our families, as evident in the smaller amount of time that families spend together and at home. There's a missing piece in this search for fullfillment- the piece that's home, connection, and heart. While all the external events and energy are wonderful, it is often forgotten that the home and family can be a tremendous source of balance, happiness, inspiration, and creativity. The experience of turning inward toward our family for creative fullfillment can be an amazing and powerful experience for the entire family -young and old."

I have so many friends that I have known that fill their and their children's schedules with activities for each day of the week. While each of the activities is worthwhile , it leaves no time to just be a family, to relax. I have always asked them, these activities are all good but are they what is best? I think sometimes people are afraid to not fill their time up. Afraid they will not enjoy their families, not enjoy being quiet. Not really liking themselves.

I love being creative. I need to be creative. It really refreshes me as a wife and mother to have used that side of my personality. I scrapbook, smock and heirloom sew (not now that my girls have gotten older, but hopefully we will have a girl again and I can restart) and I plan on learning to knit. I just bought myself a book :) But I need to be better at being creative with my children, not worry so much about messes. I am hoping this book will give me lots of ideas.

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