Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I love short weeks........

Not only did hubby get a 3 day weekend but these short weeks go by so fast. Love that.

I just finished The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule. I really enjoyed it. It really made me rethink all the toys we currently have. Even though a lot of them are still packed. If they have been packed for 1 1/2 years do we really need them? I really want to go through them now and really purge. Just keep the things we love. Instead of keeping everything because of sentiment. This book also made me think about how I can have a more creative life with my children. I need to restock art supplies. Right now we are down to a big box of mostly broken crayons. I want to be able to just grab and play. Still thinking on the best way for us to store. I am thinking of a big woven basket with a lid to start. That way the baby just won't be able to get in a make a mess. I have also been thinking about what toys it would to add to our stock. Things that we could put on a list for when family askes what the kids would like for birthdays and such.

I haven't been scrapbooking lately. Just still feeling so tired and worn out. Maybe my age? :)I am hoping to get down into my area and play tonight.


Mairs said...

Good thoughts. I think in our family if we had to purge all but the favorites we'd be left with:

Playmobile guys
Big box of Dollar Store animals

Sylvie said...

I got the book last month, I think, but barely started reading it! :)